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Two locations to serve you:

32nd St. SE & Lake Michigan Dr.

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Your body's response to everyday stressors is tension, which manifests just about anywhere from your neck to your feet. When used in combination with chiropractic care, massage therapy offers you the musculoskeletal rejuvenation you need! Call 616-453-4437 for an appointment.

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  • Deep tissue

  • Light touch therapy

  • Sports therapy massage

  • Stretching for flexibility

  • Therapeutic massage

Trained in a variety of techniques

In Grand Rapids, MI, you have two options to select for massage therapy. Come see a skilled massage therapist on Lake Michigan Drive or on 32nd Street.  Same-day appointments are available.

Two locations to serve you

Our massage therapists focus on the soft tissue of the body to help alleviate pain due to tension and stress generated in our everyday lives. They perform a range of different techniques depending on your specific needs and goals. Massage is offered at both our Lake Michigan Drive and 32nd Street locations by appointment.

Treat specific issues with personalized massage therapy

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