Massage Therapy

Try a Healing Massage to Melt Away Stress

Massage Therapy

A full-body massage might be the most relaxing thing going.  In fact, the purpose of a massage is to relax the soft tissue while increasing the flow of blood & oxygen.

Massage has been found to assist individuals with lower back pain, anxiety, migraines, carpal tunnel, neck & shoulder pain, and even high blood pressure. Massage therapy isn’t new and first appeared in ancient writings in Greece, Egypt, China, Japan, and India thousands of years ago.

Top Reasons for Getting a Massage

1) Medical Reasons

Includes soreness, stiffness, muscle spasms, pain relief, work-related injuries, sport injuries, migraines, prevention, pregnancy, and overall well-being.

2) Stress Relief / Relaxation

Stress is something everyone feels from time to time.  Constant stress can actually develop into what some refer to as “distress” and lead to headaches, elevated blood pressure, sleeping issues, and an upset stomach.  A massage is a great way to relax.

3) Preventative

Many people still believe that a massage is just a way to pamper ourself (as if there’s anything wrong with that). This is also why so many individuals use a massage therapy session as a reward for birthdays, while on vacation, etc.  The truth is many issues with our bodies can be prevented if we understand & address them before they become real problems.

Massage Treatments Available

Focuses on the deepest layers of muscles, tendons, and the protective layer surrounding our bones & joints.  Typically the therapist will use warm oil and direct pressure to relax or soften the top layer of your muscle.   Deep tissue massages are common for individuals with chronic aches and pain.

Light touch therapy does not use massage oils or creams and instead may use aromatherapy, stretching techniques, and light sustained pressure to the muscles most irritated.  Light touch is considered to enhance your own body’s natural healing mechanisms.  Light touch therapy can be ideal for individuals with highly sensitive skin and chronic pain.

This style was developed for athletes of all types and can be customized to address specific sports.  This type of treatment can address sport injuries but is also used as a preventative training.  Sports therapy promotes flexibility, can help prevent injuries before they occur, and prepares you for optimal performance on the field.

Sessions promote using various strengthening exercises shown to help increase an individual’s mobility & flexibility.  These techniques also strengthen your core which helps prevent injuries before they occur.  

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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages are most commonly used on individuals who have chronic pain such as sore shoulders, a stiff neck, upper or lower back pain, or muscle tightness.  Our therapists will use warm oils to relax or soften the top layer of your muscles.

What you should expect?

  • Warm-up period – used to warm up the muscles in the areas requiring attention.
  • Stripping – deep and consistent pressure to the length of your muscle fibers using knuckles, palms, a forearm, or even an elbow.
  • Friction – applies deep and consistent pressure across the grain of the muscle to realign muscle fibers.

At American Chiropractic, we’ll work with you along the way to ensure you understand the techniques and what you should be feeling.   Please feel free to call us at (616) 453-4437.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy focuses on areas of the body that are used frequently or repetatively in a given sport.  Sports therapy is gaining popularity today as a useful tool in an athlete’s overall training program.  

Two Main Goals

  1. Prevention –  is the ultimate goal by incorporating a training program designed to prevent common injuries in your sport from happening to you.
  2. Healing – becomes part of the program in the event of an injury and is designed to assist you in recovering as quickly as possible.

American Chiropractic gets involved with local athletes and takes pride in helping you either stay on the field or return to it quickly.

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