Whiplash & other injuries

Approximately 20% of Americans involved in rear-end collisions suffer whiplash


Neck strain is often referred to as “whiplash” and although mostly associated with car accidents, any sudden impact which causes your head to jerk can cause neck strain.

Neck strains or whiplash are caused by damage to our tendons & tissue which connects our muscles to bones.  Whiplash symptoms from an accident may not appear immediately and can take a few days or many weeks for you to feel the effects. 

Symptoms of Whiplash?

  • Pain, limited range of motion, & tightness in the neck
  • Pain when tilting your head side to side
  • Difficulty or stiffness when looking over your shoulder
  • Tenderness
  • Headaches

Common Questions

The most common cause is being in a car accident in which someone hits you from behind.   But, any time your neck is jolted backward (hyperextension) and then forward (hyperflexion) in a sports injury or just a fall, you can experience a neck strain or “whiplash”.

Each individual case is different but neck adjustments focus on improving the mobility of the spine and enhancing your range of motion.  Treatments eventually help alleviate the pain, stiffness, and soreness caused by the accident.  American Chiropractic will work with you to understand situation and ensure Chiropractic care is a viable option.

Unfortunately, this will vary for each person but the majority of individuals will heal within 6-8 weeks.  However, some will experience neck stiffness or pain for much longer.

herniated disc american chiropractic grand rapids mi

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs, slipped discs, or ruptured discs, are most often the result of natural aging and what is called “disk degeneration”.  Our spine is made up of a series of bones (vertebrae) that are stacked upon each other.  Between each vertebrae are little shock absorbers called intervertebral discs.   Doctors sometimes refer to these as “jelly donuts” sitting in between each vertebrae.

As we age, these shock absorbers lose some of their water content, become less flexible, and rupture.  This irritates the nerves and usually results in pain or numbness in an arm or leg.

At American Chiropratic, we will go through your medical history and do a physical exam in order to come up with your treatment plan.  Call us today at (616) 453-4437.

Intervertebral Disc

The intervertebral disc is your body’s natural shock absorber in your spinal column.   We each have 24 discs between the bones (vertebrae) in our spinal column.

As your body performs different activities the gel moves within these discs to absorb the stress being exerted against your spinal column.   Over the years, these gel-like structures will begin to lose some of their moisture and hence become more suspectible to injury. 

Types of Disc Degeneration

  • Degenerative disc - general term for changes in the disc
  • Bulging Disc - noticeable change but nucleus is intact
  • Herniated Disc - disc is torn, nucleus extruding
  • Thinning Disc - as we age, water content decreases

Work Injury

Workplace injuries can occur instantly due to an accident or over a long period of time doing repetitive tasks.  

Neck or back injuries are common in warehouse, construction, factory, or any job requiring physical labor.  Professions which require individuals to drive for a living may be more proned to experience on-the-job accidents leading to whiplash, sciatica, and lumbar issues.

Office workers tend to experience more long-term injuries such as carpal tunnel, pinched nerves, tendonitis, and back or neck strains.

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